What Is Ecommerce Web Development? Your Step-by-Step Process

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WooCommerce is one of the most popular open-source e-commerce platforms. It comes with a number of themes that are designed specifically for WordPress and can help you create a unique online store. In addition, you’ll have access to an unlimited number of digital products, complete personalization, order management, and free shipping, among other benefits. Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce, refers to transactions that take place over the Internet. Individuals and businesses engage in ecommerce whenever they buy or sell products or services online.

The builder is meant for beginner users and allows anyone to build a website for free. Want to build an ecommerce store but lack web development skills? A good ecommerce web builder can help you tackle the hassles of store setup and start making sales quickly. Electronic transaction of goods, services and products between consumers where consumer offers products to different businesses. Another significant advantage of running an online store is the low operational costs. You don’t need to build a lavish showroom to start an e-commerce business.

But, because customization requires coding, the customized template will be more expensive than the in-built template. The fourth step in the ecommerce website development is to test the tool ecommerce software solutions that you have chosen for your website. Finally, we will conclude this ecommerce website development guide by discussing the advantages of ecommerce websites and the future of ecommerce.

Creating and maintaining a website is less expensive than running a traditional brick-and-mortar store. You can start an ecommerce business channel without leasing retail space, hiring a team of employees, or having a large warehouse. Many people now do their product research and online purchasing through their phones. This trend shows no signs of slowing, so it’s essential to optimize your online store for mobile. Look at what the competition is doing and build a plan that puts you right alongside them. You may not have the capital that some of these brands do, but to build ecommerce sales, you need a plan.

  • If customers trust your brand, they will be willing to give your eCommerce store a chance.
  • This technology can be used to show customers what a product would look like if it were in their home or office.
  • Such as the number of stocks available, colors available, and so on.
  • You can reach more customers and expand your revenue potential.
  • You don’t have to have any experience as a web designer to create online stores.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, and you want your ecommerce website to echo this sentiment.
  • Link your store to your Instagram and Facebook profiles and expand your reach.

WordPress is the most popular and sophisticated open-source CMS that covers up more than 40% of the total website. So, the combination of WordPress and WooCommerce can provide you with the most functional eCommerce website in the most cost-effective way. You can easily craft your own eCommerce website using any of the eCommerce platforms that we’ve talked about earlier. Alternatively, you can also hire a web developer to make one for you. However, as mentioned before, you must pay for hosting and a domain name, which can cost as little as $4/month. There are also various premium WooCommerce extensions available for you to use as per the site’s needs.

Why Should You Start an Ecommerce Website?

It allows professional photographers to sell royalty-free photos that businesses might use for their marketing efforts. We’ll look at all three aspects to give you a clear picture of the types of ecommerce sites out there. Google reports that more than 80% of customers conduct their research online before making a purchase decision. Which means most of Google searches are made with a purchase intention. The simple ability to make purchases online has changed our lives forever. And despite having unclear definitions, ecommerce is here to stay.

What is an ecommerce website

In 2020 Q4, Purple reported a 39.9% net revenue increase to $173.9 million, compared to 2019 Q4. The company also reported direct-to-consumer revenue increased 57%, with wholesale revenue increasing 9%. Leveraging a website builder is the easiest and quickest way to have an eCommerce site up and running. Streaming services also belong to this category, such as Netflix and Spotify.

How to design an ecommerce website that’ll boost your revenue

Don’t forget to add specificities like size, weight, color, and others. Apart from this, you will also need to choose the backend support services from cloud service providers like AWS to ensure that you always have room to scale whenever you need it. An eCommerce website demands more expertise, not just for development but also for management and maintenance. Experience an ecommerce platform that gives you the freedom of limitless growth. Remember — trust is one of the most important things for any ecommerce platform if they want to succeed.

What is an ecommerce website

Conversion and conversion rate tracking on your website allows you to estimate future sales, compare performance, test modifications, and more. It depends on the business to determine what qualifies as a conversion. Google Analytics makes it simple to identify and track website goals and conversions. It is worthwhile to track any desired activity that visitors are urged to take. The tidal wave of online retail sales in recent years shows no sign of receding, and are projected to grow to $6.54 trillion in 2022.

WooCommerce Ecommerce Platform

Dorron Shapow of 100PercentOrganicSEO.com shares what store owners need to focus on when deciding what plugins they’ll need. WooCommerce Essentials are extensions chosen by WooCommerce to form the foundation for launching a successful ecommerce website. WordPress and WooCommerce can be upgraded with additional functionalities using plugins and extensions. There can be limitations to what plugins can be used, such as caching plugins, because they tend to use too many resources. But the managed web hosts offer their own optimized replacements at the server level.


After you’re done setting up the theme and importing a demo, your website has all the necessary content. In the next step, check the main tax box if you’re going to charge sales tax. A new set of boxes will appear if you check on the box and notify you about what’s going to happen next.

No matter what you sell, customers want their purchases delivered intact and on time. Face-to-face interaction is really important for some businesses and transactions. Depending on your product, service, or sales style, it may be challenging to bring the full force of your personality into an online space.

What is an ecommerce website

No matter which methods you offer, choosing an eCommerce website builder from IONOS means we won’t charge you extra for transaction fees. Others offer a wide array of products to their consumers and their online shopping needs. You’ll need to know what business model you want to use with your online store to choose the right marketing channel.

Shopping Cart

You are able to offer local payment methods and define the best shipping solutions, including in-store pickup. Site123 has many valuable features for an ecommerce business, for example, an intuitive website editor, responsive and mobile-friendly design, SEO tools, and custom domains. Bluehost enables you to create your online store using an intuitive platform that doesn’t demand previous experience with design or coding. You can choose a pre-built template and customize it the way you wish. One of the most famous website builders, Wix also offers many solutions to open your online store.

What is an ecommerce website

Zyro is a great choice for sellers who don’t require all the bells and whistles. You can use its drag-and-drop builder to create a lightweight store without much effort. There are 24 professionally designed templates, each offering customization to help incorporate your brand. They are built for and run by one individual business who is the only seller on the site. Creating and managing your own website can enable you to have your own branded space to market and promote your products and services. Because ecommerce websites are so popular with consumers, developing an ecommerce website can help yougenerate more conversionsand revenue for your business.

Cross-platform eCommerce

Make it quick and easy to remove items or change the quantity from within the cart page. Most importantly, allow your customers to save their cart and come back to it later. This is where brands like Best Buy, Macy’s, and Bath and Body Works fit in.

#3. Installing WordPress

Now you can search for almost any product or service online, without having to go anywhere physically. It also involves electronically transferring data and funds between two or more parties. Trade, be it barter exchange or buying and selling of goods and services has been prevalent for centuries.

IV) Delivery & Shipping

The C2B business model represents a transaction in which individuals create value for businesses. You can categorize ecommerce businesses according to the products or services that they sell, the parties they transact with, or even the platforms on which they operate. An ecommerce website is a https://globalcloudteam.com/ website that allows you to buy orsell products and services online. With just a few clicks, consumers can purchase a variety of products from their homes or on the go with various devices, such as mobile phones or tablets. With Tuff Growth, we head back to the ecommerce marketing agency list.

What is the Conversion Rate for eCommerce Websites

In fact, statistics show global ecommerce sales could reach $6.542 trillion by 2023, representing 22% of the total retail market. The bottom line is people are doing a lot of online shopping, and if your products aren’t there, you’re missing out. Ecommerce growth has gotten a boost as more people avoid visiting a physical store due to the pandemic. As life gets back to normal, many brick and mortar stores have adjusted their site functionality so that it’s easier to shop online. As the name suggests, the B2C model represents a business that sells products or services to individual consumers. B2C ecommerce is the most common business model among both physical and online retailers, as the number of potential customers is larger and scalability is higher.

While there are too many to list in a single blog post, several eCommerce companies stand out. The below list was curated based on the websites’ branding, color scheme, usability, and navigability. Before you start putting together your eCommerce marketing strategy, take the time to understand your website’s purpose. Keep reading for an eCommerce website overview and examples of successful sites. No doubt, having an eCommerce website as the online presence of your store is one of the biggest assets in today’s world of digitalization.

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