Male Vasectomy Procedure What Is A Vasectomy?


The likelihood of pregnancy in a couple where the man has had a vasectomy is virtually zero. There is a possibility that the tubes may recanalize on their own, but this occurs rarely and, moreover, with current surgical methods it is very rare. Another disadvantage as a contraceptive method is that it does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

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Some vasectomies can be reversed, but don’t have the procedure unless you’re very sure it’s what you want. If you decide in favor of a vasectomy, you should know that it’s safe, effective, less costly and more convenient than most other forms of birth control. Sterilization is a permanent method of a birth control. Sterilization procedures for women are called tubal sterilization or female sterilization. Sterilization is considered a safe procedure with few complications. A vasectomy is a medical procedure that involves cutting or sealing the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the penis.

You can buy small sterile gauze squares at any drugstore. You can remove the dressing when it’s dry or stain-free, usually within a day or so. Having the fluid drain out is better for you than having it build up on the inside. Your surgeon will make an opening in your skin and grasp the vas deferens. The vas deferens is then divided and tied, clipped or cauterized.

Is there any risk of vasectomy causing cancer?

However, there is a surgery to reverse a vasectomy , and this surgery is normally successful in restoring the vas deferens function. Sperm passes from the testes to the penis in tubes called the vas deferens. A vasectomy is a surgery that cuts or blocks these tubes. This surgery makes a man unable to make a woman pregnant. The man should undergo a sperm count test between 8 and 16 weeks after the operation, before having sex without birth control.


Don’t assume the procedure has been effective until you get definitive results from your doctor. Read on to learn about vasectomies, how they’re done, what recovery is like, and more. Didn’t know I’d be single again, but it seems to be very well received by the few women I’ve dated. I’m not dating 30 year olds either, which may help the positive reception. The good news is that I have no plans to have multiple prospective partners. I’d rather wait until I find a compatible partner that is the next « rest of my life » type person.

This test is the best way to confirm the success of the vasectomy. Postvasectomy pain syndrome can affect sexual function and orgasm. Most long-term consequences of a vasectomy are positive. Some people, for example, report improvements in their sex life, which may be due in part to decreased anxiety about unintentionally getting a partner pregnant. Some people develop an infection at the site of the surgical procedure. The infection can cause intense pain and swelling.

It is important to gage how he feels about having more children. But the study was small and hasn’t been replicated, so it’s too early to make much of it. For the time being, according to both Sokal and Labrecque, dementia is a hypothetical risk of vasectomy, though one that requires further alternative research. In 2006, a group of Northwestern University researchers published a study that seemed to link vasectomy and dementia. The study was prompted by a patient at an Alzheimer’s disease clinic who told doctors that his aphasia—problems with speech—had begun shortly after a vasectomy.

There is still a risk of pregnancy until a doctor confirms that there are no sperm in the semen. People wishing to avoid pregnancy should use birth control until then. Uncomplicated vasectomies do not cause impotence.

Confirmation of sterilization with vasectomy involves only a semen sample; confirmation after an Essure procedure requires at least one uterine dye X-ray procedure. The Essure procedure offers no better sterilization and its long-term data is far more limited than with vasectomy. Also, a vasectomy would be easier to reverse than the Essure procedure. Vasectomy sterilization is considered permanent, though a reversal may be able to restore fertility.

This method involves collecting sperm from your partner’s vas deferens, combining it with one of your eggs, then transplanting the formed embryo into your uterus. Unfortunately, this procedure can be quite expensive and often takes longer than a vasectomy reversal. A vasectomy is a procedure that prevents sperm from mixing with semen during ejaculation. It’s an effective approach to male birth control commonly used in the United States. And because it doesn’t involve the hormones that affect sex drive, a vasectomy should not impact your sexual desire.

Drop by any of our locations or call us to talk to a health care professional about our services. My girl and I are thinking about vasectomy but we are afraid it might have a bad effect on my sperm quality when we later decide to get children. I am sorry to hear you still have some discomfort. Although this is rare, Post-Vasectomy Pain Syndrome does exist, and can be caused by, for example, nerve compression, scar tissue or infection. If it become painful, or to put your mind further at rest, we recommend you contact your health provide to ensure eveything is ok.

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